Nov 12, 2012

Interesting Shailoh: Racist Assassination

I keep thinking I have heard the craziest story ever, and then I hear one even crazier. At least this one has a sane ending...

According to this story, as reported on Kikar,  a hassid in Tzfat was disturbed that his son was engaged to a girl of Yemenite descent. He was so disturbed that he asked his rebbe, an unnamed Admor, if he would be permitted to murder his future daughter-in-law because she is Yemenite.

Hassidim really don't do anything without first asking the rebbe...

The Admor asked him to explain why he wants to kill her. He explained, again, that it is because his son is Ashkenazi, and his fiance is Yemenite.

The Admor went to the police and reported the person and his intentions of murder. The hassid was arrested, and has been served with an indictment. The Admor's testimony says that the accused told him of his desire to mess up the wedding. He told the police that this fellow is someone who is capable of carrying it out.

The hassid denies the allegations. (I guess that means he is accusing his rebbe of being a liar.)  He explains that he believes the neshama of his sons bride must be of the same root as his own - Ashkenazi. He is convinced that his sons marriage will fail, if it were to be allowed to go on as planned, because their cultures and their customs are different.

The lawyer for the accused put out a statement saying that they deny the accusation. The indictment claims he actively threatened the person, while they deny any threat was ever made. At the same time, he also called on them to have social workers evaluate his client.

Now that is crazy!

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  1. > Hassidim really don't do anything without first asking the rebbe...

    Finally it was a good idea!

  2. i guess that this makes the admor a moser

  3. Ben raises a good question. It's a tough call.

    Interestingly enough, the Admor hear follows the identical protocol of a psychologist in California, and I believe many other states.

    Specific threat + specific victim named = break confidentiality.

    *not every mental health practitioner agrees with this.

  4. BTW, I believe that many Ashkenazim would be shocked to find out that they are actually descendents of those throw out of Spain.

    All they need is some genetic testing.

    I wonder what that does to ones neshama.

    Nature vs. nurture argument all over again.

  5. Crazy indeed.

    Plus, I wasn't aware that there was something called an "Ashkenazi neshama". You learn something new every day!

  6. What I found interesting, beyond the apalling craziness, is that a chasidishe bochur would find himself a fiancee on his own (let alone a Yemenite one) without the parents being part of the shidduch process.


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