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Dec 15, 2013

Cause of the Storm

I have always felt more in touch with Democrats than Republicans, generally voting that way as well, but this great quote comes to mind...

“I'm a registered Republican, I only seem liberal because I believe that hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not gay marriage.” ― Aaron Sorkin via his character Will McAvoy

Rav Yaakov Addas has come up with the reason for the great storm of 2013 that shut down Jerusalem and many other parts of the country... and that is, the recent arrests of 3 yeshiva bochurim for not appearing to the IDF draft board when required.

Rav Addas qualified his statement saying on a private level every person must make his own accounting for his or her suffering and what he or she must improve. However as a general decree on the world, it is coming to wake us up on some communal level. and the timing works out very well for this to be the communal message.

Some other options, crowd-sourced on Twitter (some are funny, some could be serious):

 - to help those who are noheg to roll naked in the snow during Shovavim
 - ppl making ice cubes on shabbos
 - For every centimeter skirt is too short, you get 10 cm of snow
 - it was Friday the 13th + Asara Be-Tevet.
 - the Rabbanut told us to pray for rain. Like Choni Hameagel
 - because of the Jewish Home
 - chilul shabbos. Could be yair Lapids. Maybe the Chillul Shabbos allowed by Nir Barkat in JM
 - t's all the soy products they serve in yeshivas
 - Or shaking hands
 - bochrim using others' wifi on their secret smart phones.
 - people who voted bnei torah
 - tzniyus
 - talking in shul
 - haredim not saying prayer for State
 - haredi infighting
 - cutting funding from yeshivas and kollels

come up with more or take your pick on what you want to work on being metakein..

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  1. Because there haven't been enough foolish rabbinic pronouncements lately about human beings influencing meteorological events.

    (BTW, great quote!)

  2. Rafi,
    You forgot the appeal of the Beit Shemesh elections.

  3. If the arrest of 3 draft-dodgers caused this storm, let's see in a few months what might be caused when 30 are arrested. Will the storm be 20 times worse?

    1. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      10 times worse! I explain:
      3 x 10 = 30

  4. And I particularly like when Rebbes make such pronouncements because it tells us something about them. Obviously they are making it up, so everything else they say much as be looked upon as suspect ... they might be making other things up as well.

  5. I'm confused - If the wicked Chilonim are the cause of the storm, how come the worst hit areas were Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beitar Illit, Tzfat, Gush Etzion and many Yishuvim in Jehuda/Shomron. While most of Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Rishon L'tzion, Ashdod, and Haifa weren't affected at all.
    Even Ramat beit Shemesh was hit harder than Beit Shemesh, and Modi'in Illit more than Modi'in.

    Sounds like a strange way for the Guy Upstairs to tell the Chilonim how upset he is with them.

    1. "Residents of Bnei Brak told Arutz Sheva that the city resembled a little Venice and took the municipality to task for not addressing drainage problems. "

    2. Bnei Braq is ever badly. Is a dirty city with much poorest and people don´t work to bring parnasa.

  6. who are we to mock a "gadol b'kabala" ? it may seem odd to make such a claim as to the cause of a snowstorm. We may even have questions as why the chareidi area's were hit more than the chilloni area's. however, there are few people in the world devoted to dvikus bHashem, and yiras Hashem AND care and Tefilos for klal ysroel than Rav Addas. you can meet him every morning at the Neitz minyan at the kotel all the way in the very back in the inside. He is the shliach tzibbur, wearing ragged clothes, no jacket, tattered tallis, (He minimizes gashmius). Observe his is a huge emotional workout for him. He drinks multiple liters of water during davening due to the energy which he puts in! (i am told that he is there as well for tikun chatzot) He is a gadol b'tfilla, a huge talmid chacham, m'urav im haBrios, and a huge baal kabbalah. We may agree or dissagree with what he has to say...but considering the messenger, if one disagrees, it should be done reverently!


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