Dec 4, 2013

Promo for new documentary looks anti-haredi, sparks protest, gets pulled

A new investigative journalism show that has not yet even aired its first episode has already aroused the wrath of Haredi MKs..

The show called "HaMaarechet", or "The System", has its first episode, set to air tomorrow, to be dedicated to looking at the housing shortage and crisis in the Haredi community, and as a result of it the move of Haredim to secular areas and the Haredizatino of those areas.

The show released a promo, and it is the promo that is upsetting people. Promos are intended to promote the show, draw interest, and like all good promos it does just that by creating drama, intrigue, touching on fears and a bit of hate.. The promo very much looks like it is an attack on haredim by making it look like they are "taking over", moving in and chasing others out.

The promo upset MKs Moshe Gafni (UTJ) and Eli Yishai (Shas). Gafni was meant to take part in the show but said he is backing out because of the anti-haredi tone of the promo. Yishai accused it of incitement and using an anti-semitic and anti-haredi leader, and asked what would happen if the promo showed Arabs taking over Herzliya.

As a result of their protest, journalist Miki Chaimovitz said that the promo was withdrawn and had gone up without her approval and it does not even portray the theme of the show properly. Chaimovitz claims that the show actually shows the acute shortage of available housing in the Haredi community and shows how it is not their fault but they have no choice but to buy homes in existing non-haredi areas because they have no other options.

It is good they had the sense to pull it quickly. We don't need more things arousing hatred, especially when it is unnecessary - it was only the promo and would have drawn people in to watch a show that would have frustrated them because it is not anti-haredi as the promo had promised..

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1 comment:

  1. You kind of wonder how an entire production team can continue making a show with such racist overtones and that is still the face of secular Israeli TV. Racist, racist, racist.

    As for the Haredi housing crunch - very valid topic. Too bad that show is too racist to discuss it.


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