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Dec 15, 2013

The Haredi Facebook campaign

As a result of Minister Livni's opposition to the affirmative action law for Haredim, as discussed in my previous post, an interesting campaign was formulated.

The campaign initiated was that Haredim, and supporters, on Facebook should change their profile picture. The protest picture is:

Feel free to change your profile picture if you want to, but I chose not to even though I think the law, or some form of it, should be passed.

What does it represent?

The logo and campaign was created by the website "Dossim", one of the many Haredi news websites on the Internet. The colors are the colors of the Dossim website. It seemed to me that this campaign is more likely to promote this specific website rather than the advancement of Haredi in general in the workforce. In my Facebook feed I have seen that a number of my friends have changed their profile picture to this logo, but I have chosen not to, though I have no problem with those that do.

I must say that the entire campaign is a bit humorous.  Haredim, though on Facebook aplenty, are technically not supposed to be on Facebook at all. People generally have a low profile, and those who are more prominent are really further out on the fringes of the Haredi community rather part of the mainstream. It is, however, a bit funny, or ironic perhaps, that there would be a Haredi campaign on Facebook in an attempt to influence social initiatives.

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  1. The funniest part is that you are a chareidi too. (I know...... But you are)(and I am too) so either redefine charedi or redefine ourselves

  2. I assume that as more Haredi people get into Facebook, some brilliant Israeli reporter will discover the 'fastest growing segment' in Israeli FB. I imagine that the beginning of this learning curve will see some tacky and interesting viral campaigns.


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