Feb 6, 2014

President Shimon Peres holds Guiness World Record

President Shimon Peres is now the holder of a record in the Guiness Book of World Records, in addition to all his other accolades. Mazel tov!
צילום מסך: מתוך השידור החי
No, Peres's record is not as the longest serving politician, nor is it for the oldest living politician. It is for teaching the largest class in the world.

Shimon Peres this morning taught an online class in Civics to more than 9,000 students, both jews and Arabs, from 215 classes between 9th and 12th grade of the "Amal" chain of schools in Israel.

The record has been confirmed by the authorities over at Guiness, and it officially was the largest class of students all in the same lesson.

President Peres transmitted his lesson from the headquarters of Cisco in Netanya. The VP of Guiness Global flew in today and was present at the event. After it is confirmed, he will announce the record  and enter it into the record books.

The Guiness guy actually complimented Peres and then told him that he actually had set a second record as well. That is, Shimon Peres is the oldest head of state in the world. It might not qualify for Guiness, but it is a record in its own right.
source: Srugim

congrats to the President!

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