Mar 12, 2014

Interesting Posts #536

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1. Prenups Save Kneecaps: International Agunah Day

2. Guatemala and Lev Tahor - saddest part is when they show a picture and say if you see anyone dressed like this call the police.. anybody hassidic is gong to be reported to the police, just because his attire bundles him with Lev Tahor..

3. Achdut, Achdus and Unity

4. how running changed me - a friend of mine is now famous

5. as IDF controversy swirls, entrepreneurship thrives in bet Shemesh

6. what Purim means to me

7. what converted this Reform rabbi?

8. getting real about Internet addiction

9. love and faith

10. short cuts - cute, but Palm Pilot? really?

11. what's the line in the wall?

12. Israel - a major part of Judaism

13. good news for the Jews

14. drinking on Purim

15. a "war" in the jewish Press

16. shul unity opportunities no Purim

17. plan to take over the world

18.  Oleh Problems

19. Its all about the beauty

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