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Apr 3, 2014

Headline of the Day

Haredi bakery throws out matza touched by Netanyahu

  -- JPost

While the headline is upsetting, making it seem as if Netanyahu 'defiled' the matza, as if he is somehow impure and food he touches must be tossed, the article actually makes sense, especially considering it is Chabad. The event was basically a photo-op and it did not undergo the stringent process of supervision and preparation that they normally undertake for baking matza.

I say especially Chabad, because it is very well known how strict chabad is with their matza handling. On Pesach they basically only eat the minimum of matza they can, and its not because they dont like it, but because of the concern of chametz. As well, they basically eat their matza out fo a bag, or over plastic sheeting which they then roll up and throw away. They are the epitome of extreme-anti-gebrokts (shruya). So for them to say the matza baking was not supervised properly at that time, it is not surprising and completely understandable.

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  1. Um, do they expect them to sell the matzoh that was handled by someone, who was neither selling gloves nor took particular care to wash his hands? Seems pretty unsanitary, whether the person was the PM or the janitor.

  2. There may be individuals in Lubavitch that minimize the eating of matzo, but that is certainly not minhag Chabad.

  3. I've participated in matzah making and it is supposed to be intense and serious, without having unnecessary people in the room. This photo op is a prime example what not to do during matzah making and a batch of matzahs with much less problems is thrown out with little hesitation.


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