May 11, 2014

Kashrut Alert: Mentos

Rav Moshe Katz, from the kashrut organization called Kosharot, has issued a warning regarding kashrut issues.

He points to the phenomenon of some products having multiple production lines, each from a different source, from a different factory. Just because one of those production lines produces a product with a hechsher, does not mean the product of the other production lines bears the same hechsher, or any hechsher at all. The biggest problem with this might be that we get familiar with a product being kosher, and we just take it off the shelf without looking at the hechsher, not realizing the product might be from a different line with either a different hechsher (that you might not rely on, or even a fake hechsher) or with no hechsher at all.

Rav Katz specifically points to the Mentos candy. He says there are Mentos on the shelves produced in Holland, with a hechsher. We have become so familiar with Mentos being  kosher, that we might not realize that there are also Mentos candies on the shelves from Indonesia. These indonesian-produced Mentos candies are not kosher and do not bear any kashrut information on the labels. Yet, Rav Katz says, people do not necessarily realize they have to look at the label.
source; Srugim

So, look at the label. Make sure that the Mentos, or any other food item, you are buying is actually kosher with the hechsher you expect it to be under.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, this is indeed a problem. A few years ago, I used to buy Mentos regularly from the shop in my workplace, and I knew it was the kosher one. Once I bought Mentos, and I took one, and it had a bad taste. I was going to bring it back to the shop, and then I looked at the wrapper. It was the Indonesian one, I brought it back anyway to the shop, and asked them only to stock the kosher one.


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