Jul 6, 2014

Bet Shemesh in the news

Bet Shemesh just can't get a break.

Somehow Bet Shemesh gets connected to every crazy story in the country.

Today 3 people from Bet Shemesh were supposedly arrested on suspicion of being involved in the murder of the Arab boy from Shuafat, Jerusalem, the other day...

If its not one thing, its another...

and shortly after this hit the rumor mill, Shopping Mekomi reported a revenge attack (I guess that's what it would be called), with an Arab attacking a Jewish person with a knife and throwing stones outside of Cafe Cafe in Bet Shemesh and lightly injuring him. Maybe Cafe Cafe should be serving cholent...

and the cycle of violence continues...

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  1. There is no cycle of violence. That is an attitude the anti-Israelis claim. Everything was 'quiet' until 'they' kidnapped and murdered two minors and a student.
    There is no cycle of violence. Only Arabs who attack us and Israel which might attack back.

  2. Quiet if you don't count the Palestinian youths killed (murdered) by the IDF in the weeks before the kidnappings. Quiet if you don't count building settlements as violence.
    Quiet if you don't count controlling the Palestinian ghetto water, electricity, and movement.


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