Feb 26, 2015

Arab Head of Opposition

An interesting scenario popped into my head after seeing the latest poll results published.

It seems from the latest polls that Hamachane Hatzioni is projected to win 24 seats, Likud 23, the United Arab Party 13, Habayit Hayehudi 12, etc..

In the event that this would be the final results on March 18, and if, as some suspect, it is highly likely the elections will bring about a national unity government of some sort, it is theoretically possible that the Arab party could end up as the largest party in the opposition. Being the largest party in the opposition gives it the right of appointing its leader as head of the opposition.

Head of the opposition is a position that comes with status, privileges, and responsibility. For example, Head of the opposition gets briefed on security issues more, and on a higher level, than any other MK, more similar to the Prime Minister.

So, if the head of the United Arab Party, Aimen Udah, would become the Head of the Opposition, I'd like to see how Israel treats him. Will the Knesset, the Shabak, or whoever, trust him with state secrets and the regular high-level security updates?Would they find a way to ensure that this does not happen? or would they allow Udah to take this lofty position that he earned and give him the updates as defined by the job?

I wonder.

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