Feb 9, 2015

Victoria Hanna- Aleph-bet (Hosha'ana) (video)

kol isha alert, I think. this is strange if anybody can explain to me what is going on here...

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  1. Modern music. From the Youtube comments:

    John Gustafson
    1 day ago

    This captivating music video begins with all the sounds of the Hebrew alphabet and takes flight into a surreal rendition of the image-rich poetry and prayers recited on the Sukkot festival.
    Vocal artist Victoria Hanna researches ancient sacred Hebrew texts and sets them to music that explores their mystical nature in combination with contemporary modes of communication and symbols. Her work reveals transcendental aspects of voice, text, and spatial perception, as well as an astonishing vocal range and timbre
    Much of the inspiration for her current work comes from Jerusalem, where the overlapping of past and present, ancient and modern, lies at the city’s very core.
    Her work presents sacred Hebrew texts, prayers and spirituals in a unique and utterly modern context integrating theatre, music, spoken word and video.

  2. I wish I went to that Beis Yaakov when I was a kid!

  3. Sounds too weird. Like incantations. Chaya: What does going to Beis Yaakov have to do with it? Such things don't go on there, B'H.


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