Jun 18, 2015

Picture of the Day

this is a no-mans-land created today for the davening of Rosh Chodesh, to prevent Women of the Wall from being handed a Torah scroll by any sympathetic men, as happened last month.

The people who administer the Kotel seem to be very creative, coming up with interesting new solutions each month...

I think the United Nations must be called in to administer this no-mans-land. They would also have to pass some resolutions about how it should be treated.

Next month we will see barbed wire on the fences demarcating the no-mans-land. Then next there will be signs warning about minefields.

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  1. No, next month we'll be told that this is how its always been and removing it is an intolerable change to the status quo.

  2. If I'm understanding this correctly, think this was a great idea if it would prevent the kooks of WOW and others from doing their chilulei H', About time something was done.

    1. Yeah, why can't they stay in the kitchen where they belong? Oh, but then again, you know the old expression, "too many kooks in the kitchen."

      So by the way, Mr. Anonymous, why do you call them kooks? A quick Google search of kook comes up with "a crazy or eccentric person." Wonder if you can explain how the members of WOW fit this definition?

  3. I happen to like the strategy they used; Quite novel. A mechitza - like a moat!

    As for your dark reasoning, while those ladies are hotly in pursuit of chilul Hashem, this convenient way of averting it is HONORABLE, to say the least!

  4. A plague on both their houses!

  5. Sad. Very sad. On both sides.

  6. A DMZ. Great idea. The WOW brought it on to themselves.


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