Jun 18, 2015

Pidyon Petter Chamor in RBS A

I went today for a few minutes of the Pidyon Petter Chamor in Park Ayalon of RBS A today, when picking up kids from school.

I only stayed a few minutes, as once they began the ceremony the crowds in the immediate area in front of the ceremony closed in so nobody else could see anything, and the microphone wasn't loud enough to actually hear anything, so I got a few pictures and then left.

It was nice to see the crowds of people who were interested in seeing this rare mitzva.

When better pictures and perhaps video will be publicized, I'll try to post them here (if they show anythign more interesting than my pictures below)

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  1. They should have built a stage like they did in Chicago. Silly.

  2. Hi Rafi,

    Just curious - how are there so many adults able to attend during a regular working day? I am not criticizing - I am really just curious. From the pictures, many of the adults don't even seem like kollel guys who might have a more flexible schedule.

    Just wondering....

    chaim yankel

  3. why was this mitzvah resurrected? Why didn't our Zaidehs, some of whom actually kept and tended farm animals, do this mitzvah?

    Just wondering.

  4. Bray, as to your first question - nowadays we need to be constantly entertained (if you've ever been to tish of certain rebbes, you can see they realize this as well, and I don't mean to be critical). I've never been to one of these, but it sounds like quite a show. And it's not a bad thing - anything that makes people take an interest in mitzvos in our generation (hey, let's have a brachos party!) can only be positive.

    Your 2nd question - I've heard that farmers, through the present day, use selling-your-chometz type of workarounds for bechoros of kosher animals. I imagine that if any of our ancestors kepts donkeys, they did the same thing.


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