Jul 12, 2015

American Parents Remember Their Fallen Son, Israel’s ‘Hero from LA’ (video)

Stuart and Evie Steinberg join VOI's Dan Diker in-studio on Memorial Day to reminisce about their late son, Max. Max Steinberg, a lone soldier from the United States, was killed in action during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer. More than 30,000 people attended his funeral at the Mt. Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem. The fact that he had immigrated to Israel by himself and joined the IDF mobilized the entire country to ensure that his devastated family, who had arrived from Los Angeles for the funeral, would not be left to grieve alone. In Israel this week to participate in official Memorial Day ceremonies, Max's parents tell Dan that they now have also "come home" to Israel, attributing their commitment to Judaism and the Jewish state to their son's ultimate sacrifice.

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