Jul 6, 2015

CNN thinks the Old City of Jerusalem will soon disappear

I do not know if there is any significance to the order of the list, but CNN has published a list of world sites that are on the verge of extinction.

the number one item in the list, and I do not know if the fact that it is number one means it is the closest to extinction or not, is the Old City of Jerusalem.

CNN explains that the reason this site is on the verge of extinction is because of the political tensions no preservation work can be done on the site. It actually shows the picture above of Temple mount - Dome of the Rock but CNN lists it as the Old City of Jerusalem.

I find it hard to believe the Old City of Jerusalem is going to disappear any time soon. Chances of it being destroyed in war are probably greater than the chances of it just going extinct...

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  1. The significant thing about this is that the heading is "25 Magnificent Structures on the Verge of Extinction".

    The Old City is not a "structure" per se - unless it means the walls, but it clearly doesn't since pictured is the Dome of the Rock. We have to conclude that it's referring to the Dome of the Rock itself.

    If so, this is quite a statement for CNN to say.

    That's why Arutz Sheva and Sod1820 picked up on it.

  2. Nah, it's because the Wakf is busying undermining the base the Temple Mount sits on in its ongoing efforts to destroy any evidence of our Temples. One day the side will give out and the whole thing will slide into the Kidron

  3. And one day (hopefully soon), the whole city of Yerushalayim, will be the most beautiful and central focus of the world!

  4. Maybe CNN thinks ISIS will take over and, as they usually do, destroy anything of architectural or cultural significance?

    1. They probably will - one thing they aren't is political strategists. ISIS will likely say "what's all this Al Aksa garbage? the real center is Mecca and everyone should stop acting like Jerusalem is anything important."

      And if we're really lucky, then the apolyptic earthquake will come and swallow them up, eliminating two problems at the same time.

      Meanwhile it's so lame that CNN has to say it's at risk because of "political tensions." As if Israel would stop them from repairs - heck, the Israeli police would probably help them carry in all the "construction materials" that they couldn't get past the Gaza crossings.


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