Jul 6, 2015

Facebook Status of the Day - Tesaro changes its tune

Update - even better news now. Ahava just announced that Tesaro has just unblinded her records and her medical team has the information they need! 

Yasher koach to everybody. It had an effect. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly

and in text:
Thanks to everyone for this campaign to get Tesaro to do the right thing. I already said we are touched by all of this, but perhaps that word does not do our feelings justice. Our minds are blown by the levels of support.
Please take this as a personal thank you to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who took the time to post about this, sign a petition, email Tesaro, message us with advice or help in some other way. If we had the time and strength to message you all individually, we surely would.
No doubt as a result of pressure from the wonderful team at Shaarei Tzedek and the social media campaigns of which many of you have taken part, Tesaro have promised to "shortly" provide the information to.Ahava Emunah Lange's oncologist in order to initiate the unblinding process.
This is a really promising development, and we sincerely hope Tesaro do as they have promised and "shortly" really is shortly.

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