Jul 23, 2015

Picture of the Day

what makes this picture interesting is the background rather than the picture itself.

according to the reports, these two new fathers are twin brothers who were born 20 minutes apart. They are married to twin sisters also born 20 minutes apart.
Their babies were born, yes, 20 minutes apart.

mazel tov!

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  1. Someone on Facebook pointed out that, genetically, the two babies are essentially siblings to each other.

  2. Are they baby girls and that's why their faces are blurred? Or is that for ayin harah purposes?

  3. interesting. I had not even noticed. I think it might be because it is illegal to show images of children without express consent. The source of this picture is Kikar, which shows images of women without blurring, so I doubt it is for religious purposes of not showing females. ayin hara/ possibly but not sure why blurring the face would protect form ayin hara when everything else is shown and described and idetnified


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