Oct 21, 2015

UNESCO delays crazy vote on turning Kotel Palestinian

The head of UNESCO criticized the proposal to declare the Kotel a Palestinian site, part of the Al Aqsa mosque compound. She also delayed the vote.

While this does not guarantee the committee will ultimately reject the proposal, after all it is made up up of an Arab majority who can do what they want, it is an important move by the UN rep. This UN committee could have easily just let it slip through, as a vote is a vote, and we all know how anti-Israel they are in general.

We still wait to see what happens when it will come to vote, but good job of the UN person in charge in at least making a reasoned point here.

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, but they did vote to classify Machpela and Kever Rochel as Muslim heritage sites and condemn Israel for defiling them.


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