Aug 13, 2017

break a leg in the Satmar camp

Kikar is reporting about a Satmar summer camp that is going to be runnign an unusual activity. They are, supposedly, going to have a couple of people dressed up like Israeli Haredi soldiers, aka chardakim, and have them jump out of a helicopter into the camp and then try to convince the young Satmar boys to join the IDF. The boys will be given beans to throw at them and will refuse to be convinced by them.

The idea of this is, seemingly, to give the kids a sense of participation in a holy battle. As well, it probably will be in order to also make the issue more palpable to them.

When playacting it is common to wish the actor "break a leg". "Break a leg" in theater is an idiom for wishing the actor good luck, but there is a superstition against saying "good luck" directly.

In this instance, wishing these actors "break a leg" before they go jumping from the helicopter into this den of hate would be more literal...

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1 comment:

  1. Can we please admit that Satmar are no better than the Sikrikim who hastened the Roman victory? They don't deserve to be Jews at all, but we don't write people out that easily, no matter that they are such hateful people, you wouldn't even want to acknowledge their existence.


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