Sep 14, 2017

packages from abroad will soon arrive quicker

This is big news for Israels, and especially for Olim Chadashim. We all love to order items from abroad, whether online stores in the USA, such as Amazon or others, whether NEXT form the UK, or Ali Express in China, for example. Yet we get tracking notice that the order is in Israel and it can still take weeks until we get that notice that a package has arrived.

Israel Post is working on a new system that will have your package delivered to you within 48 hours of it having arrived in Israel.

They are putting together an automated sorting system that can handle tens of thousands of packages every hour. The new location will be staffed by 250 employees and will be located on a site in Modiin that is 18 dunam large.

Until now sorting was a long tedious process. The package would arrive at the airport and then get sorted multiple times, by hand, at various sorting centers. The sorting process alone took 5-7 days.

Now the packages will go straight from the airport to the new sorting center and from there straight to your local post office branch.
source: NRG

I hope it works. This would improve the process a lot!

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