Oct 17, 2017

peace with PAs

Good news out of Israel today. Thus morning the Health Ministry announced that they have approved official recognition of Physician Assistant as a profession. They are finishing training the first group of 33 PAs who will operate working alongside doctors, performing the initial examinations of patients before the doctor sees them and will deal with recommending further care. The goal is to shorten the waiting time and relieve the bottlenecks in hospitals.
source: Ynet

This is big news. Many immigrants, and potential immigrants, have been hampered by the lack of recognition of their certifications as PAs and left them potentially without jobs when moving to Israel. That in addition to the benefits to the medical field itself if it can be successful in shortening waiting times.

Israel has yet to make peace with the PA, but they are making peace with the PAs...

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  1. Certainly a positive, but given how low Dr's salaries are here, I suspect US PA's will be shocked at how low their salary will be here.

  2. they are also very limited in scope at this point. I suspect that it will be a very long time until this profession is fully recognized


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