Oct 23, 2017

Picture of the Day

We don't have control over other people and can't stop them from being violent in the streets and making a chilul hashem whenever they want to, but people can do good things all on their own and make a kiddush hashem and show the public that not everyone is like those in the streets. And while normally, buying ice cream for some soldiers might not be quite a kiddush hashem, as beautiful an act as it might be, I think relative to what is currently in the news this definitely is.

This frum couple was having ice cream in Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem when they saw nearby a tour of a group of 50 soldiers. They immediately invited them all in and bought them all ice cream.
source: Yediot FB

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  1. Why can I almost be sure that this lovely act of chesed is being done by frum CHUTZNIKS!

    1. Because Israelis don't shop at Mamilla :-)

  2. Definitely a generality, but think Jews who live outside of Israel appreciate other Jews more.


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