Dec 11, 2017

get your VCR now! major tax breaks!

Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon announced today a major tax cut on products such as electronics, cosmetics and toys.

Amazingly, the tax on VCRs is being cut down to a big fat zero! 0% tax on VCRs! Amazing! Forget digital and streaming, DVD and Blu-Ray and whatever else is out there... at 0% tax we should all go back to VCRs and record our memories on VHS tapes!

Does anybody still buy VCRs? Does anybody still sell them?

Anyways, on a more serious note, besides for VCRs, taxes are being slashed on televisions, screens, speakers, headsets, projectors, amplifiers, and more. You can now get that Hungarian chandelier for your bathroom  without paying tax! No customs on refrigerators, heaters, cookers, freezers, juicers and more!

Washing your hair will be cheaper as shampoos get slashed from the tax. Deodorant might now be cheap enough to become more popular. All sorts of clothes, as well as video games, gym equipment, swimming pools and games will all become cheaper!
source: TOI

Let's hope the tax break is passed along to the consumer...

Why couldn't they do this just a couple of weeks ago before Black Friday?

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