Dec 13, 2017

Public transportation on Shabbos

I don't really understand how this will work but Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz announced a reform of the public transportation system. Katz says that the shared taxi system (moniyot sheirut - where a taxi van fills up with ten passengers that share the ride from city to city. in the Gush Dan area there are also such shared taxis that drive along the local bus routes picking up and letting off passengers along the route at a price similar to that of the bus) will be added to the public transportation system and passengers will be able to use their "rav kav" cards in taxis as well, and it will work on Shabbos as well.

According to Katz this will make public transportation cheaper and will also prevent the shared taxi system form closing down, as has recently been threatened by a decrease in business. These shared taxis will be able to work on Shabbos, and their "weekend" business will grow, the there will be no use of the rav kav on Shabbos - passengers will have to pay cash. According to Katz, not allowing use of the rav kav on Shabbos will avoid breaking the status quo.
source: Kipa and Kikar

I guess technically it is not a breech in the status quo because of the lack of use of the rav kav, but it seems to me to only be cosmetic, as really it is the government allowing and encouraging more public transportation. If all they care about is how it looks cosmetically, than I guess this will not be a problem.

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