Feb 1, 2018

Abutbol prays against plague in Bet Shemesh

After a series of tragedies throughout the city of Bet Shemesh, in which 4 children have died within a short period of time, each from different causes, some people are thinking there is a curse, or a plague, on the city.

After consultation with Rav Bentzion Mutzafi the mayor of Bet Shemesh, Moshe Abutbol, went out with a minyan of local avreichim and chanted the chapter of "Pitum HaKetores" in each of the four corners of the city.

The concept is a kabbalistic one based on the writings of the Zohar that during a time of plague or war one should say Pitum Haketores at each of the four corners of the affected place, and will thereby see salvation. This solution is tried and tested.
source: RBSN and Kikar

I guess it can't hurt. Seems at least harmless to me. And it is cheaper than any practical solutions (eg redesigning the roads) might be.

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  1. I would argue that it CAN hurt. Since it is cheaper than any practical solutions, the **mayor** blaming it on a supernatural plague might use this pitum haketores as his only means of addressing the issue.

  2. I think learning the Parsha of Egla Arufa is more appropriate - but can the Mayor, who is responsible for road safety, truly say "Yadeinu lo shafchu es hadam Hazen" ?

  3. Here is a segulah.

    There is a mitzvah in the Torah of hishamer lekha ushmor nafeshecah me'od

    Everyone should be extra machmir to fulfill that mitzvah.

  4. i am surprised that moronan vrabonan have not ruled that the tragedies are due to the pritzus of the hiloni and DL people that have not yet left the eventual haredi town of beit shemesh....

  5. Word on the street here in the US, seems like it affected members of a particular camp that expressed joy at the passing of Maran R AL Shteinman. Although i have not heard any corroboration of that.

    1. Rav Chaim Kanievsky said that a few of the tragedies happened within a specific community that treated Rav Shteinman poorly when alive and expressed joy after his death and that was the cause. But not all the deaths or injuries were from that community.

  6. Seems the most likely reason would be 'strife'. This city seems to have much strife, between the factions and what is frightening, it seems to hurt the innocent. There should be sholom as best as possible amongst all the Yehudim!


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