Apr 9, 2018

not so fresh bread

Normally people get upset after Pesach about discoveries regarding claims of fresh bread or other baked goods being made from flour ground after Pesach, only to discover that it is from flour ground before Pesach and then sold for Pesach to a non-Jew. It even gets more upsetting when such claims are made about products sold before pesach, as recently happened.

This year, it seems the opposite is happening. Bread is being sold around the country and people are discovering that the bread is not fresh but had been made before pesach and then frozen and sold to a non-Jew, and after Pesach taken out of the freezer and sold as regular. Nothing to do with when the flour was ground, though obviously it was ground before Pesach. People thought they were buying fresh bread only to discover they were buying 8-10 day old bread that had been frozen.

There is no kashrut problem with this, as all chametz had been sold properly over Pesach and nobody is claiming otherwise. The problem is purely commercial.

It seems the labeling was not clear and even though it might have been labeled, people still did not realize the bread was not fresh.

Interestingly, Angel's Bakery has said that they have all their production centers and delivery methods working full time to restock the country with bread, but they can only produce a maximum of 110,000 loaves of bread per hour, yet they are supplying bread to millions of people, and there is just no way they can keep up with the immediate demand as fast as people want it, thus making the solution to freeze bread before Pesach necessary. They say they will analyze the situation and implement solutions based on this years issues in coming years to improve the situation.
sources: Srugim, Behadrei

So, either your flour is older than you want, or your bread is older than you want. Either way, you aren't getting what you expect. Proper packaging and clear labeling is very important. In general, I prefer to buy fresh bread and stick it in my freezer rather than buy bread that had been stuck in the freezer by someone else...

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