Sep 17, 2018

para aduma found, now looking for kosher kohen

Another potentially kosher para aduma, red heifer, was recently born, this time in Israel.

The Machon Hamikdah, the Temple Institute, is overseeing that it be raised carefully to grow into a kosher para aduma candidate, and will re-examine it in 3 months.

According to Behadrei, the Machon Hamikdash is now looking for a tahor, pure and undefiled, kohen who has never left Israel. The plan is, if it remains kosher, the heifer will be nrought to the rabbonim for discussion and then slaughtered in purity for use. According to Behadrei, Machon Hamikdash has a list of a number of young kohanim that can qualify to shecht the para aduma but are also publicizing to the public asking qualifying candidates to step forward and present themselves.

Interestingly, the foreign press reporting on this issue all consider the discovery of a para aduma to be a sign of coming Armageddon and the commencement of construction of the Third Temple..

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1 comment:

  1. According to R' Sobolofsky said cohen would have to stay away from contact with any used metal utensil for his entire life - listen here
    Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky-אין קדושה בלי הכנה: Practices of Erev Yom Kippur
    Joel Rich


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