Dec 6, 2018

Ron Kobi and the Goral HaGra

This Ron Kobi, new mayor of Tiberias, is a bit of an enigma. At some points he seems anti religion and also anti-Haredi, then at other times he seems like at least your average traditional Israeli who might not be religious but is connected and admires religion and does some religious things.

Kobi, still working on putting together his coalition, has decided the first project he will work on is rehabilitating the beaches of Tiberias, many of which are in a pitiful state. So he went down to the beaches to try to figure out what his approach should be and how to tackle the issue...

According to Kikar, Ron Kobi conducted, on the beach, a "Goral HaGra" - the lottery system devised by the Vilna Gaon used to help a person determine a course of action or clarify an uncertain situation, using a combination of page turns and counts in a special layout of the chumash and understanding from the words arrived at what to do.

They have video and we don't really see the goral itself, but he does come to the words in Az Yashir - taharos kamecha - תהרס קמיך - you should overthrow those that rise up against you. Kobi understands from those words that he needs to destroy everything that is there and build the entire beach system from scratch rather than just trying to refurbish the existing...

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  1. "Goral HaGra" - the lottery system devised by the Vilna Gaon"

    Did it come from the GRA himself? What proof is there for that claim?

    Bibliomancy goes back much further than that.

  2. I am not making that claim nor did I do research into the matter and I definitely have no proof. I just described it as I have heard it, or maybe it was based on long-held assumption. I would be happy to stand corrected if you would tell me who did devise this lottery method and how the Gra simply made it famous, or otherwise for what other reason it is named after the Gra...


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