Mar 14, 2019

My mom does mitzvos better than your mom

I think this qualifies for the weirdest or strangest campaign issue, or maybe attack, to come up so far..

Minister Moshe Kachlon attacked Lihi Lapid, Yair Lapid's wife. His attack is regarding her participation in "hafrashat challa" events - she famously hosted one such event during the last election campaign in 2015.

I have seen in the news here and there about other such events Lapid participated in, but I have not paid attention closely to it and do not know how frequently or infrequently she does these things. I do not even know why it came up now - maybe she announced participation in another hafrashat challa event, I don't know.

Anyways, Moshe Kachlon criticized her saying she does not even know  what the mitzva is and does not know what she is doing. Kachlon added "my mother did all the mitzvot, such as hafrashat challa - I dont know if Lihi Lapid understands anything about what she is doing, but my mother understood".
source: Kikar


I have no idea if Lihi Lapid understands what she is doing or not. I also do not care. I also do not care if Mrs Momma Kachlon understood what she was doing or not. I have no idea what this about or why it came up or what Kachlon wants to get out of it. It sounds like one of those fights common among 9 year old kids - my dad is stronger than your dad..

Definitely one of the weirdest campaign issues to come up so far

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1 comment:

  1. The real criticism should be for participating in a hafrashes challa event, a modern made-up custom with no basis in Jewish tradition.


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