Jun 19, 2019

Quote of the Day

I have noticed that the retired writer for Bamachane, Mr Lapid, comes back to life every time the issue of the Draft law is raised. Unfortunately, that same Lapid, in full coordination with Lieberman, in the last week of the government brought down the draft law that they had supported. It was the same exact law, as it had been proposed by the Ministry of Defense. He did this only to get votes and make a living off the hatred and division he sows. It would be good for Mr Lapid to tell his voters the truth - the Draft Law does not interest him one iota, and I am not even sure he is at all familiar with it.

  -- MK Dudu Amsalem (Likud)

Recently I have really been frustrated and disappointed in the Likud, specifically the part of it that blindly follows Netanyahu, and I am even more upset that they repeatedly make me, even if just in my mind, defend Lapid.

The Likud, with the most decisive and right wing coalition probably ever, leading a stable and solid government for more than four years, which as an accomplishment on its own based on Israeli history, needed to rely on Opposition votes to pass a law that the people who most needed it and wanted it within the coalition refused to support for superficial reasons. And they then blame the Opposition for not supporting a government initiative which basically then brought down the government, precisely what the Opposition always strives to do, as if it was their responsibility to prop up the government and help it out with its own coalition problems.


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1 comment:

  1. Let's not forget that after YB pulled out of the coalition Likud began horse trading legislation in order to passed such as Regev's Culture Loyalty bill.


    “Our problem is that they came to Yisrael Beytenu with a deal that would include the ‘Gideon Sa’ar bill’... This is not connected to any ideology... All the other bills will be sacrificed for a bill that is personal.”

    Elections were called the day after the AG announced his intention to hold an indictment hearing for Bibi, even though the Supreme Court gave another deadline extension. All 61 MKs in the Government agreed that elections had to be called because they couldn't work together. Those 61 MKs turned into 60 MKs after Bibi's huge victory.


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