Jun 20, 2019

Tweet of the Day

Avishai Greenzweig, haredi journalist, tweeted:
From an advertisement in Hamodia:
The graphic artist was forced to edit and change the name of the tractate of gemara, and also to blur it off the outer binding.
The reason: the name of the tractate is masechet "Nida"

did you get that? an advertisement for a set of gemaras had to be edited to take the name of the gemara out because it isnt modest enough and is not fit for public consumption.

If you thought that ad with the cholent being taken out because Thursday night cholent is too "streety" was just silly and maybe humorous, this is what Hamodia has become. Now names of our holy books cant be mentioned in public in Hamodia.

As a side note, someone (I dont recall who first pointed it out - perhaps Ben Waxman) pointed out that this editing has caused the editor to misplace masechet Bava Kama in Seder Kodshim! The only problem is that Nida is in Seder Taharos, so I dont know why that says Kodshim, or if it indicates something else here is going on as well.

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  1. Do the insane people who approve of this skip shul for the week(s) of תזריע and מצורה? What about אחרי מות?

  2. Avi, I just got a call from Ron Kubi. He'd like you to join his party in the upcoming elections

    1. Have you ever not been a slightly-off stalker with minor reading comprehension issues? There's not a single mention of Charedim in the post or in my earlier comment.

  3. Thanks for thee laugh! We do live in crazy times. Just for fun, I reversed all the Nida gemaras in my shul so the spines face in. I told my wife I would only be refering to her now via a pronoun, and I started a petition for my Rov to do the same when referring to the Rebbitzin (pardon me for even writing the word). Last, in Parshas Balak, I took a sharpie to cross out those pesky old Birnbaum chumashim that refer to Bilam's a--. I changed it to read "tuchas".


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