Nov 3, 2019

Quote of the Day

If there will be a third round of elections, the Right will collapse at historic proportions. We will find ourselves with a full-full Left-wing government. I am prepared to release Netanyahu from any obligations he has to me in order so that a government can be established....  the State of Israeel is in a state of paralysis. I am in constant contact with the Prime Minister, and I am also talking with Gantz. The ball is in the court of both of them. Everyone needs to come down from their trees and compromise. I am also ready to, if I am found to be an obstacle for establishing a government, I exempt Netanyahu from any obligation and commitment to me and to the New Right... the State is in an emergency situation..

  -- MK Naftali Bennett (Hayemin Hechadash)

some think Bennett is laying the groundwork for Yamina splitting off from the Right-wing bloc and going into a Gantz-led government. Others think he is speaking with integrity and is being altruistic (from a political perspective)

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1 comment:

  1. For your information, the New Right has already broken up Yamina, as Yamina was only a list of New Right, Bayit Yehudi, Ichud Leumi for the elections only. There is a right wing block of 55 MKs (Likud, UTJ,Shas, and Yamina's components) who Bibi represents as a united block negotiating with Gnatz. What is possible is that New Right may split of the right wing block. Actually bennett put it a different way, by saying that he absolved Bibi of any obligation to the New Rigth, and should just get on with the task of forming a new government as soon as possible,


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