Dec 11, 2019

finishing Shas, in an historic way

Mazel tov to all those finishing Shas in the coming weeks in the framework of Daf Yomi (and to anyone finishing Shas under any other framework), but especially noteworthy is those finishing it in an historic way.

VIN is reporting on a the first ever, and anything billed as "first ever" will almost always qualify as historic, all-female siyum hashas. The siyum is going to be held on January 5, 2020.

Anybody who can persevere and have the discipline to learn the daily daf for 7.5 years, day in day out, deserves praise, and much more so when it is a group of people who do not even have the obligation or mitzva to learn regularly but do it purely out of love and dedication.

The all-female siyum will be held at Binyanei HaUma in Jerusalem. Even though the hall will not be filled with people who have learned the entire 7.5 years worth of Gemara pages, it will be filled with female supporters and celebrants honoring those who have. The siyum is being arranged by Michelle Farber who gives a daf yomi shiur in Ranana to a small group of women, with another 250 women who learn from her shiur online.

An interesting anecdote related in the article is mentioned by a student in Farber's class that appreciates Farber using women in her examples and explanations of the gemara - instead of saying things like Reueven lent Shimon money, Shimon stole from Reuven, etc, she uses women's names saying things like Rivka lent money to Devorah, etc.

The event is to celebrate the accomplishments of the participants and also to encourage more to join in the future.

Mazel tov to all the mesaimim and mesaimot.

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  1. The person quoted is not just a student but a great scholar in her own right, who has written an acclaimed work about Daf Yomi. (Full disclosure: She's a friend.)


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