Jan 14, 2020

Yigal Amir's wife registers new party to get him out of jail

Larissa Trimbobler, the wife of Yigal Amir, submitted her official papers today for her new party to run in the upcoming national elections. Their platform is simply that Yigal Amir should be given a new trial.

The new party is called Mishpat Tzedek. Larissa says secret things connected to the justice system and to the entire institution have become known.

Mishpat Tzedek is a one-issue party, but the one issue is not as narrow as their focus makes them seem. They are focused on Yigal Amir but they will support a retrial for anyone who deserves one - for anybody innocent sitting in jail.

Whatever that means.

All jails are full of innocent people. Just ask the people in jail and most of them will tell you they are innocent.

I am not quite sure how being involved in politics will get someone in jail a new trial after already having one, but I guess if she can convince about 140,000 or so people by March 2 that this is the most important issue of the day I guess we'll find out...

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