Feb 23, 2020

Tel Aviv Marathon to be canceled?

Walla News is reporting that the authorities, led by the Ministry of Health, is considering canceling the Tel Aviv Marathon scheduled for this Friday, due to fear of the Corona Virus and travelers entering Israel for the marathon.

The issue was raised in a discussion today among authorities among a list of possible measures to be taken to prevent the spread of Corona.

The Tel Aviv Marathon event draws about 40,000 participants among the variety of races, plus police, MDA and members of other organizations securing the event.

According to the report, the authorities will weigh the chance of people who might have been exposed to and possibly carrying the virus and the risk it presents to the event participants, versus the event itself.

Various health professionals are quoted as saying this needs to be taken seriously but the decision should be weighed carefully. And the concern is not being exaggerated.

It sounds exaggerated to me, though obviously if the risk is real canceling would be the right move. It seems more like the common CYA method of making decisions here. Sort of like back when a runner in the half marathon of Tel Aviv about 6 or 7 years ago died from heat stroke and then for the next couple of years they made all runners sign waivers and take stress tests, until they somehow realized they were being stupid. Hopefully the risk won't be significant, and they'll determine that the events can proceed as planned.

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  1. Hopefully, IT WON'T!! Why is everyone fooling themselves? This is pandemic if not epidemic level! Sure, bring in all nations' runners? For what? Money?

    1. yes, hopefully it wont be bad enough that it needs to be canceled.
      I am fine with them stopping all incoming flights to Israel and not letting anyone into the country until all this blows over. what is the difference between coming in for the marathon and coming in for anything else?

    2. they just announced the marathon will be on as planned but only for Israelis - no foreign runners.

  2. Why are they allowing foreigners from anywhere to come in? They should not allow any flights out to anywhere in the whole Far East region. Israelis love to fly anywhere in the world, no matter where and what, instead of thanking H' they have the zchut of living in Eretz Hakodesh! Refuah shleimah for everyone who needs it. H' yerachem!


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