Jun 2, 2020

Quote of the Day

I understand that Shaked is frustrated, but if during coalition negotiations she would have focused on the issue of the dayan appointments and not about security and transportation, the situation would be different. As well, their attacks on and criticism of Netanyahu didn't help the situation. UTJ will take care the ensure that the dayanim will pasken only according to halacha, and that is what is important.

  -- Director of Degel Hatorah Yitzchak Puindrus, responding to Shaked's attack on the power given to UTJ to be responsible for the appointment of new dayanim

Pindrus's last statement is meaningless. The issue making different parties want this authority isnt a matter of will the dayanim pasken according to halacha or not - no matter who appoints them they should be paskening according to halacha. The issue is more of approach. Different rabbis have different approaches in halacha and follow different piskei halacha of earlier poskim, some more stringent and some more lenient. Another issue is their being forthcoming and open to the public or being less accessible and open - also a form of approach.

Pindrus's earlier statement is very true, I think. Yamina (and the same in its earlier stages under different names) cannot expect to only deal with issues not specifically relevant to their electorate, but then to automatically also be given the authority relevant to them. if they want to be responsible for religious services and education and other issues close to their hearts, those are the ministries they should have been demanding. Instead they were demanding ministries of higher objective value for their prestige.

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