Jul 22, 2020

airline food for your bar mtizva or wedding

Just what you never thought you needed is now available for purchase, and rpetty cheaply at that!

Yediot is reporting that the Israeli company that makes meals for the airlines has been struggling badly. The company has 550 employees, and most of them are still on furlough. With the airline industry decimated for the past few months, they have nobody to sell their packaged meals to. They are now selling just tens of meals a week, mostly to some Israir flights, to Aeroflot, and to some cargo flights.

They have come up with a way to rebrand themselves during this difficult period. They are now selling airline meals to the general public, and pretty cheaply at that! For just 10 shekels, you can buy yourself your favorite airline meal! And with free delivery (on orders over 300nis, in the Gush Dan region). They are also looking to place pop up stores in various malls to sell these meals. They are opening a "restaurant" int he airport for workers who are there, and they are selling their food to some of the Corona Hotels as well.

They are offering catering services as well. For your son's bar mitzva, get airline meals!

I just want to know if you order special kosher meals will they come double wrapped or do you need to add the second wrapping yourself?

I am just joking, but really, good for them, trying to find a way out of the crisis. And 10 shekels for a meal is pretty good. I hope a lot of people order meals and this company is successful in finding a way to save itself until the airline industry makes a comeback.

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