Jul 7, 2020

government descends into chaos

This government has no direction and no control over the situation. It is almost chaos. This is surprising, as back in March, April and May Netanyahu showed leadership on the Corona issue. Since then he has been distracted. He was on television every night telling the people what steps are being taken, what must be done, and people listened. Now we hardly hear from him. Every day the numbers continue to climb, the authorities make new rules almost every day, often with no explanation or sense of logic or understanding, and Netanyahu is almost nowhere to be found.

Professor Siegal Sadetzki, the head of Israel’s Public Health Services in the Health Ministry, submitted her resignation over the way the government is handling the situation. When the media asked Minister Edelstein hours later about her resignation he responded that it is nothing but rumors. Fake news. She didn't actually resign. Uh, yes she did. The Minister didn't even know.

Today Minister of Transportation Miri Regev hosted a ceremony opening a new major junction in Ashkelon. She hosted tens of guests with food, a singer and sound system, all to the tune of 200,000nis, and all against the rules of the Ministry of Health. When asked, she basically said - oops, next time I'll follow the rules better. Literally, that is what she said "אני משתתפת בטקס בניגוד להנחיות משרד הבריאות. בפעם הבאה נקפיד יותר".

This government is chaos and has no idea what it is doing.

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