Jul 5, 2020

Rabbanut shows its expertise at trolling

Gotta love the Rabbanut

They have been the subject of a trend of restaurants giving up their hechsher due to it being too expensive and the Rabbanut not willing to work for free.Just last week there was a restaurant that didn't even have a hechsher from the Rabbanut but announced it was giving it up, seemingly to ride the coattails of the trend and bring in masses of anti-Rabbanut supporters as customers.

The Rabbanut, of course, posts all its updates, including such news of restaurants no longer being certified by the Rabbanut, on its Facebook page, among in its newsletter and in other relevant media.

According to Srugim, in the comments on the post about this latest restaurant giving up the hechsher it never even had, some people wrote some harsh comments about the Rabbanut, as often happens on such posts (or on posts elsewhere on these topics).

The Rabbanut fought back and trolled the commenters on its page. The Chief Rabbinate FB account responded to harsh comments with even harsher responses. The account responded to someone with a doctorate degree saying that obviously a doctorate gives no indication of being smart. Another person was told that if she has no idea what she is talking about, in the future it would be better for her to just disconnect her keyboard. Another person who called the Rabbanut primitive was told that his parents were primitive for raising him to be rude. And more.

When the Rabbanut was called out on this, they apologized and blamed it on one of their employees who went rogue and responded to comments using the Rabbanut account though he thought he was writing from his own personal account. They have since disciplined him and taken away his access to the Rabbanut account, and deleted the offensive comments (though some are screenshot and included in the Srugim article).

Haha! so they normally troll their commenters by using personal accounts, not in  he formal name of the Rabbanut. This guy forgot, so he got in trouble...

As much as a I like a good troll and good on them for fighting back, the Rabbanut is there to serve the public and is an official governmental body. I am not sure criticizing people in a very personal way is the right way to go about their business. The lack of care or concern about what the public thinks of them is precisely a large part of what people don't like about the Rabbanut bureaucracy.

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