Aug 6, 2020

creativity going to waste

Some people can be very creative, and honestly some of the most creative people are in the leadership and askanus of the Haredi community.

The government, led by PM Netanyahu, decided to give out a stimulus grant to the Israeli public to give a jump-start to the economy. Give people some extra money and they'll spend it and get things rolling. The government gave 500nis per child (for the first 4 children in a family, and 300nis per child for each one after the fourth) and is now in the process of giving the 750nis per adult, with some disabled getting more, depending on qualifications.

According to Hamechadesh, the Igud Menahalei Yeshivot filed a petition with Knesset Finance Committee head MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) to consider avreichim as people in the category of financially disabled. 

While I am not sure what that category actually is and if it exists (I could not find anything about it on a google search) as a real legal qualification, Hamechadesh describes it financial disability as a category defined as anyone who has no income from work and/or income less than 60% of the average income. I am not sure what that means as what they wrote contradicts itself - no income or income at less than 60% of the average?

So the Igud Menahalei Yeshivot wrote to Gafni asking for consideration that the avreichim who have only received 600nis per month because there is no budget in place, essentially earning 3.5nis per hour for 40 hours per week and 160-180 hours per month.

They add that sooner or later the avreichim will be in financial crisis and they and their families will begin to go hungry.

the Igud then requests from Gafni to consider the avreichim financially disabled so that they can qualify for the larger stimulus grants, doubled to 1500nis. 

I have not seen any response to this report and am not aware of a decision on this matter. It is definitely not unreasonable. Perhaps anyone earning so little should be granted an upgraded stimulus grant. 

Now if only all this creativity could be used to help all of Israel get out of all its problems, rather than just for minor community issues...think where we might seems like a waste to me to keep such creative minds working for such minor issues...they are too creative for such minor positions.

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