Aug 2, 2021

different perspectives, different concerns, different priorities

Haredim10 brings the interesting words of the Satmar Rebbe from Kiryas Joel yesterday.

The Rebbe reportedly said that he is concerned regarding the resurgence of the CoronaVirus and the hospitals in the USA filling up again. The Rebbe asked the community to daven - to daven that there should not be another lockdown that would prevent the Jews from going to shul, both in the coming days and in the upcoming holidays of Tishrei.

Personally I would have said, or at least also added, to daven that people should not get sick, the community should be protected, should suffer few or no deaths, and the like.

I guess we have different priorities. Or maybe he assumes nobody from the community will get sick this time around because most already had the virus...

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1 comment:

  1. Based on how Satmar acted last time - having huge weddings, keeping schools open on the down low - I'd tend to think that the concerns of this Satmar "leader" are truly primarily about the a lockdown, and not illness or death. After all, that didn't stop them last time, did it?


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