Sep 23, 2021

Let My People Go

There is some crazy story happening right now with a 21 year old Israeli anti-Zionist seeking asylum in England because he wants to avoid the Israeli draft. He is seeking asylum based on on Israel being an apartheid state and how it treats the Palestinians, and he does not want to be a part of that and would prefer death over being drafted to the IDF. 

Initially his court case in Manchester was delayed because he refuses to speak Hebrew, the language of the Zionists, for which they had a translator, but insisted on speaking Yiddish, a language for which the court had no translator. It does not see like it should be difficult to find people in Manchester who can speak both Yiddish and English and translate for them, but whatever. It seems this case is in court because until now the United Kingdom Home Office has refused to grant asylum due to Israel not being considered a state that is dangerous form which people can be granted asylum. Palestinians can get asylum but that is generally from Palestine oppression, not Israeli.

I guess we cannot really hope for the United Kingdom to grant asylum from Israel, as that would likely mean setting a bad precedent for how Israel is categorized in the Western World, but I do think Israel should be happy to be rid of this person and others like him. Israeli policy should be to let leave any of these people who want to. Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. 

The only problem is who would take them. Where can they go. 

They are generally not really productive members of society so I don't expect to see countries welcoming them with open arms or clamoring to attract them. Maybe they can find their homes in Eastern European or African countries.

To misuse one of Mordechai Ben David's best songs, let my people go. Israel should work to find a country willing to take these people in, any of them that want to leave, and be rid of them and of the trouble they cause.

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  1. Of course, he's lying through his teeth, in multiple ways. The fact that he speaks Yiddish (and no English) makes it clear that he's a charedi anti-Zionist, not a leftist. And they couldn't care less about the Palestinians; they don't want to serve because Israel is (to them) too "goyish," but of course no court anywhere will recognize that as an excuse (and rightly so).

    Moreover, Israel is (unfortunately) not forcing him to serve; any charedi can get an exemption. (And Lieberman's new plan will, ironically, make that easier.) But of course he doesn't want to *apply* for one.

    The British should force him to live in a Muslim neighborhood and then he can see who his friends are. And Israel should say such people can't then come back to Israel, period.

    1. No, the English should draft him into the British Army.

  2. And can he not get asylum from his friends in Palestine. Let him go to Ramallah, Gaza and be rid of him


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