Feb 17, 2008

You might be a winner!!!

I remember as a kid we would get fairly often (I do not remember if it was weekly or monthly) these envelopes in the mail saying "You might be a winner...". All you had to do was open the envelope and mail off some selection of stamps. We used to sit around with the stamps thinking we were actually going to win something. We would select stamps containing different prizes. They offered pretty much everything including the kitchen sink as prizes. Needless to say, despite having mailed back our selection of prizes numerous times, we never won anything. It might just have been my luck, as I rarely win prizes in raffles...

My shul is having a sweepstakes. I am telling you this because it is a great opportunity. The money is tzedaka and it will be going towards the building of the shul. It is tax deductible. And you have decent odds of winning.

I was actually hesitant to post this because if any of you buy tickets to enter the sweepstakes, it ruins my odds of winning. But the shul needs the money and no matter how the odds are in my favor I probably would not win anyways, so I might as well offer you the chance to win the pot.

The shul is offering a $10,000 prize. The drawing is happening this week - Thursday night at about 10:30 pm Israel time. Tickets to enter the sweepstakes must be bought by Wednesday. Tickets cost $100 per entry (I think it is limited to 2 entries per household).

If you think this is a good opportunity to possibly win $10,000 while giving charity to a shul in Israel, send an email to sweepstakes@btya.org . Let them know you wish to participate and they will give you the details.. (you can pay by check, credit card or cash). You only have a couple days left as no entries will be accepted after Wednesday..

Oh yeah, and tell them that Rafi sent you (not that I get anything from it... just they should know I tried a little)...

Good luck, but I hope I win, not you.

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