Jun 3, 2008

Interesting Psak from Rav Steinman: Torah with Derech Eretz

I am not sure what exactly the chiddush is here....


  1. Can you translate? My hebrew is horrible.

  2. basically he said Torah is like a tree with roots. If the roots are good and straight, the tree will grow strong. But if the roots are broken and thorny, the tree grows weak and rotten.
    So too with the Torah. If the person learning Torah has good deeds and good character traits, then the Torah will help him flourish. But if he has bad middos, then the Torah will do him harm.

  3. remember when we lived in the states, and they used to tell us that when the news had nothing to say, they would make it up? You know some small typical story, with no names or facts, but sounds like it could have happened? (They probably so it too here).
    This is one of those stories... facts are true, it just didnt happen. :-)


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