Nov 16, 2009

Interesting Posts #102

1. Ima on the Bima has Haveil Havalim #243..

2. Idan Keinan tells us why Ahhnuld Shartzenegger really came to Israel. It has to do with making a sequel to one of his earlier movies... hilarious!

3. Circus Tent asks where the OU has been during the Rubashkin situation.

4. With Hannuka fast approaching, Rabbi Bloomensteil debates an issue of lighting inside or outside, and discusses a psak by Rav Moshe Shternbuch.

5. Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv unfortunately feel that he has to support chillul shabbat. Personally I think one can oppose the style of the hafganot and still oppose the chillul shabbat... there is no need to specifically support chillul shabbat.

6. The Jewish Side and In the Pink have lists of segulos and superstitions...

7. Frum n' Flippin is debating whether to go to Germany for a work conference or not..

8. The Zoo Rabbi is looking for help in buying an additional iguana..


  1. Thanks for the link and comment regarding my post on Chilul Shabbat.
    I added a post script to emphasize that I do not "Support" chilul Shabbat, I am only dismayed by the hypocrisy of the demonstrations that have taken a bad situation and made it worse.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    I'm going to be in Israel for Chanukah, and I look forward to seeing menorah's outside of the houses.


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