Nov 10, 2009

no profiting in RBS c/g/3

There is something I don't understand about the planning for construction in RBS C/G/3.

Many groups are no vying and positioning themselves for winning the rights to build on various plots. The haredi media ran many articles in the recent weeks about the issue, and this one item is quoted by all the askanim and rabbonim involved in discussing the issue of preparing for the tenders.

That is, they have all said that if any kablan thinks he is going to make money off the backs of haredi avreichim, they will end up with no houses sold. The haredi housing crisis is not just a business, but is a national mission to be resolved. They will not accept anybody trying to make a buck off their backs.

I don't understand why a kablan would build knowing that the community he is building for has no intention of paying him any reasonable level of profit. No kablan builds as charity. This is their business.

I don't know if anyone has the power to stop it from happening, but just the attempt seems unreasonable.


  1. The answer is so simple. The government should pay for the housing so that it is not a burden on the community. Either that or they are trying to dispell the rumour that the Haredi community will buy everything available.

  2. Bet Shemesh also shouldn't think it will profit, because the avrechim get a huge arnona discount.

  3. I do not know what the percentages are of avreichim vs non-avreichim who get discounts are (it is well known that in old Bet Shemesh few people pay arnona. and they are mostly not avreichim)

    The main income Bet Shemesh is counting on from the new neighborhood is the building fees. It brings tons of money in right away.

  4. Please look at this:

    It describes how there is a committee helping large charedi families find housing particularly in RBS G.

  5. Ah excuse me, but the kablanim had taken full advantage of the break in the dollar and hiked up the prices in RBS A. That may be good for the pockets of the kablanim but it puts many people in the poor house. Which is ridiculous b/c the rents have soared as well.


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