Nov 11, 2009

Reversal on the elevator issue

I don't have time to translate this right now, but the group of rabbonim met to review the shabbos elevator situation.

Bechadrei has published a document with the protocols from the meeting. The committee of rabbonim, led by Rav Efrati, as decided that most shabbos elevators can be used, and for sure when the situation is elderly people, sick people or others who would have great difficulty using the stairs.

Rav Efrati even says that Rav Elyashiv has always supported the hetter, until recently, though he does not say why Rav Elyashiv's opinion recently changed. Perhaps it is because of the issues raised by the technician that started the whole debate.

Anyway, for more details, the original Hebrew article and document can be seen here...


  1. They were refreshingly open in acknowledging that the technical information the earlier p'sak was based on was faulty.


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