May 31, 2010

Dealing with the enemy

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu has been in the press a lot recently, for a lot of provocative statements, and today he doesn't let us down.

In response to what happened with the Gaza flotilla, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu said, "We should raise our heads up against the accusations and criticisms pointed at Israel and say that this is what we had to do... There is no need to apologize, and it is a shame that the Israeli soldiers did not kill more...That is what any other country in the world would have done... Just because there are anti-semites in the world, does not mean we have to forgo our own rights."

And in response to accusations made by Arab MKs and to the incitement by Hamas, Rav Eliyahu said, "Hamas and their partners are the last who can teach anyone ethics and morals. Those who throw people from rooftops and drag them behind jeeps until their bodies are ripped apart and execute people without any judgment, should not try to teach us ethics. People live in a lie and deceive their own people with lies and hatred...
It is a shame that the billions they have received from countries around the world have been stolen to line their pockets and they have not built a single normal hospital, they have not paved a single normal road.. All they want is war and murder... Thank God [the IDF] did what they did to them, and it is a shame they did not kill more of them" (source: Srugim)

I am fairly liberal, and am ok with, or I should say resigned to, the idea of peace and land for peace, if a peace is possible and if they are willing to be peaceful with us.

On the other hand, I am far right wing when I believe that the other side is not peaceful and does not have peaceful intentions. Right now we are at war with them. If they want peace, our hand is extended. As long as they want war, and want to deceive the world into thinking we are bad, I am all for treating them like hostile enemy in every way possible.

As Rav Eliyahu says, they should have killed more. The boat should have "hit an iceberg" (in the Mediterranean) and been sunk early on during the voyage. The IDF should not have let this ordeal shlep out for so long.


  1. There is no need to apologize, and it is a shame that the Israeli soldiers did not kill more...That is what any other country in the world would have done..

    Unfortunately we are not "like any other country" in this respect. We are under Shibud Malchuyos and for the rest of the world we are a second-class nation whose purpose in the world is to suffer and be subjugated. We have to hope for Moshiach to come.
    Our real purpose is to be an eved of G-d. Then we shall stop to be an eved of the nations.

  2. There was another way of doing this. Why couldn't the Mossad have sent agents and just sunk the boats in their home port the night before they set sail? Then they could deny it all and use the standard "Yeah, but you always blame us!" line as protection.


  4. Israel has the right to defend itself against the enemy. In particular, terrorists sponsored by Turkey. Ankara should not be allowed to pose as the innocent party here. It sought to breach Israeli sovereignty.

    This not the act of a friend.

  5. i say it is high time to break all diplomatic ties with Turkey (gobble gobble). They have committed an act of war!

  6. Iceberg, Goldberg, eh what's the difference! :-)


  7. in case you had been fooled by the goyim/chazerim shosei shesa pretending to be moral ethical and truthseekers comes along one of these every now and then and reminds us - hen goyim k'mar m'dli uch'shachak moznaim nechshovu.


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