Sep 14, 2010

Jerusalem 1918 (video)


  1. Very cool.

    Did you notice that in the clips of the Kotel Hamaravi at the 2:15 mark you can clearly see inscriptions in the Kotel itself made by pilgrims to mark their Aliyat Haregel to Jerusalem.

    If you look today at the kotel, about 3 rows up (to ground level 1918) you can faintly see the remains of such inscriptions.

  2. Gevald! Where's the mehitza at the Kotel?

  3. I like that tag, 'Street Scenes of Modern Jerusalem'. If only they could have known what the city would grow to look like!

  4. Based on this I believe R' Amnon Yitchak would ban going to the Kotel in 1918.


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