Feb 2, 2011

MBD Never Performed To A Mixed Audience

MBD was on the radio, and the discussion turned to the attempts to get him banned because of his performing in front of mixed crowds.

MBD said that those machers trying to get the rabbonim to ban him are telling the rabbonim lies. He said that before his last performance, the one to a woman only audience, Rav and Rebbetzin Landau (the rav of Bnei Braq) called the head of the organization and said that they had been told they were bringing a dancer to perform. The organizer was in shock and after a moment responded that it is not true but there is only one performer at the show and that is Mordechai Ben David. The Landau's thanked her and wished her well. MBD says he is happy the Landaus checked out the story and did not just sign based on what the askan tells them, like many other rabbonim do.

He then went on to claim that they are making him out to be a rasha, saying he performs to mixed audiences, and it is not true as he refuses to take jobs that would require him to perform to a mixed audience, and that he never has done so.

That claim is not true. Perhaps he might say he no longer does. Perhaps he might limit it to Eretz Yisroel, but in  the USA he does (or did).

I don't have video proof, but the reality is that in the USA there was no such thing as completely separate seating at concerts until recently. If he would have never performed to a mixed audience, he would never have become a successful singer/performer. Also, he has famously performed at many HASC concerts and those are mixed audiences.

Regardless, whether he does or does not should not matter. If the crowd is mixed that should not make him into a rasha, but it should make the people in the crowd into rasha'im (if it is really so bad). All he is doing is taking a ob to sing. he is not telling them to sit mixed or not. They choose to sit mixed it should not make him into a rasha.


  1. He performed for a mixed audience in Switzerland for Chabad. I was there. And so was Metallish. A noise it was.

  2. I attended concerts of his in the US that were mixed.

  3. So did I in London

  4. All his performances in New York in the 80's and 90's in Brooklyn College, (with Avraham Fried, Abbie Rotenberg, Miami Boys Choir, Baruch Levine, Michael Streicher, Yehuda Glantz,etc.) were all MIXED. There were no other seating arrangements.

    Kudos to the Landau mishpacho who researches before they scream. May others learn from them..

  5. He did a number of NCSY concerts in Toronto. Also all mixed seating.


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